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ZappWM 4.2

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GPL (GNU General Public License)
Nov 30, -1
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Feb 14, 2015
Bruno Maia
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ZappWM 4.2

by Bruno Maia

ZappWM is an open source, lightweight and easy to use desktop environment for Linux operating systems, based on the ROX and Fluxbox window managers.

ZappWM features complete drag & drop functionality, including the ability to drag shortcuts to the desktop, panel or between active windows. Moreover, users will be able to configure various aspects of their environment, such as the wallpaper and other functions.

Being aimed at cloud computing, ZappWM features three highly interactive menus: Square, where users can find their most common applications; Social Life, where users can connect to social networks; and All Apps, which allows access to all graphical programs installed on your machine.


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