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yelp-tools 3.14.1

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Feb 14, 2015
Shaun McCance
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yelp-tools 3.14.1

by Shaun McCance

yelp-tools is an open source and free command-line software designed as part of the Yelp project, providing the necessary scripts for generating, maintaining and publishing documentation for the GNOME desktop environment.

The program can also be used to publish documentation on the Internet. It is comprised of various scripts, such as yelp-check and yelp-build, as well as an yelp.m4 file that provides autotools integration.

What is Yelp?

Yelp is an open source, free and very useful software project, a collection of documentation utilities for the GNOME desktop environment, containing a set of utilities for building documentation.

The Yelp project also contains the yelp-xsl utility, which provides core XSLT stylesheets used by libyelp and Yelp itself, as well as the libyelp GTK+ library, which makes it easy to build a help viewer, or embed one in an application.

Getting started yelp-tools

Usually, yelp-tools can be installed through the package manager of your GNU/Linux distribution, but it gets automatically installed with Yelp, when installing the GNOME desktop environment.

It can also be used on other open-source desktop environments. To install and use the yelp-tools package on your distro, first check if a pre-built binary package is available on the main software repositories.

If not, download the latest stable version from Softpedia, save the archive on your PC, preferably your Home directory, extract its contents using an archive manager tool, open a Terminal app and navigate to the location of the extracted archive files (e.g. cd /home/softpedia/yelp-tools-3.14.1).

Arrived at the location of the extracted archive files, run the ‘./configure && make’ command to configure and compile the program, followed by the ‘sudo make install’ command to install it system wide.

The commands are available through the Yelp software or directly from the command-line interface, using a terminal emulator.


OS requirements for yelp-tools 3.14.1:

  • Download yelp-tools 3.14.1

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