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YALE 3.4

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Feb 13, 2015
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YALE 3.4

by YALE Team

YALE short from Yet Another Learning Environment is a flexible open-source tool for knowledge discovery, machine learning experiments, and data mining applications.Experiments can be made up of a large number of arbitrarily nestable operators and their setup is described by XML files which can easily be created with a graphical user interface. Applications of YALE cover both research and real-world data mining tasks.YALE is an environment for rapid prototyping of data mining applications. A modular operator concept allows the design of complex nested operator chains for a huge number of learning problems.The data handling is transparent to the operators. They do not have to cope with the actual data format or different data views - the YALE core takes care of the necessary transformations. YALE is widely used by researchers and in industry.Requirements:· Java 1.5What's New in This Release:
· This release offers enhanced input handling methods for various file formats and database systems.· The new input formats include operators for Microsoft Excel and SPSS.· Several database systems are now natively supported and database access is eased.· Beside other major improvements and several bugfixes, this version also provides the possibility to define macros, an improved logging engine, and new configuration wizards for the operators ExampleSource and DatabaseExampleSource.· Several new operators were added.· This release also contains the latest Weka version.


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