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Yakuake 2.9.9

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Feb 15, 2015
Eike Hein
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Yakuake 2.9.9

by Eike Hein

Yakuake is a tiny piece of software that provides Linux users with a drop-down terminal emulator in the style of the Quake console. It is based on Konsole terminal emulator program and designed for the KDE Software Compilation project.

Key features include a tabbed interface, complex D-Bus/DCOP interface, smooth roll down effects, adjustable animation speed and dimensions, as well as support for skins, which can be easily created by members of the community.

In addition, the application features mouse wheel tab navigation, copy/paste functionality, ability to open the default file manager on the current location, set character encodings, find text in the terminal window, adjust, clear or save the scrollback, and support for profiles.

When you open the program for the first time, a First Run dialog will ask you to set a keyboard shortcut for accessing the terminal emulator, as this is the only way to open and retract the Yakuake window from the top of the screen.

By default, the F12 key is used for accessing the application, but you can easily change it to any other key on your keyboard, as long as it doesn't interfere with the keyboard shortcut of another program or desktop function.

New shells can be easily opened from the plus button located on the left bottom side of the window, next to the 'Shell' tab, and will open in new tabs next to the current tab, named "Shell No. 2," "Shell No. 3," etc.

On the other hand, shells can also be easily closed using the minus button located on the right side of the tab toolbar. In addition, it features a titlebar, which allows users to enable or disable the always on top function and the full screen mode, as well as to configure keyboard shortcuts and notifications.


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