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Yade 1.12.0

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Feb 15, 2015
Vaclav Smilauer
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Yade 1.12.0

by Vaclav Smilauer

Yade is a free, open source and extensible framework that can be used for discrete numerical models, especially designed for the Discrete Element Method. Yade's computation parts were written in C++ with the help of the flexible object model, which allows independent implementation of new interfaces and algorithms.

Yet Another Dynamic Engine

Yade stands for Yet Another Dynamic Engine, and it uses Python for concise and rapid scene construction, post-processing, debugging, as well as simulation control. The software is distributed through GitHub, as a source archive, as well as via Launchpad for the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

Under the hood

A quick look under the hood of Yade (Yet Another Dynamic Engine) will show us that the application has been written in the C++ and Python programming languages. It is officially tested with several popular distributions of Linux, including Ubuntu. Both 32-bit and 64-bit hardware platforms are supported at this time.

Getting started with Yade

There are two ways to install this program on your GNU/Linux computer, either by using the pre-built binary packages from the default software repositories of your distribution or by using the universal sources archive provided on Softpedia.

Download the tarball (tar.gz) file, extract it somewhere on your path, open a terminal emulator and navigate to the location of the extracted files. Then, run the “cmake .” command (without quotes) to configure the project, followed by the “make” command, without quotes, of course, which will compile the software.

Be aware of Yade requirements, as you will need to install them all in order to deploy the application on your computer using the sources archive, as explained above. After a successful compilation, you must execute the “make install” command as root, without quotes. Please read the official documentation if you get stuck when trying to install Yade.


OS requirements for Yade 1.12.0:

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