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Xrefactory 1.6.9

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Feb 15, 2015
Marian Vittek
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Xrefactory 1.6.9

by Marian Vittek

Xrefactory (also known as Xref, X-ref and Xref-Speller) is a professional development tool for C and Java providing code completion, source browsing and refactoring. It was the world's first Java tool "Crossing Refactoring's Rubicon". Xrefactory Java supports JDK versions less than 1.5.0!Here are some key features of "Xrefactory For C and Java":· Full integration with Emacs and XEmacs. ·Available on Unix (Linux, SunOs-Solaris, HP-UX, Mac OSX, etc.) as well as Windows. ·Support for both C and Java languages (including JNI). · Source browsing based on our own tag implementation supporting multiple preprocessing passes and resolving scopes, accessibilities, overloading and polymorphism. ·Designed to work with the largest projects. Xrefactory indexes all JDK 1.4 classes (1 million lines of code) in 2 minutes and the Linux kernel 2.4.7 sources (3 millions lines) in 15 minutes. Xrefactory is capable of updating its index by reparsing only modified files. · Refactorings for method (function) extraction; renaming of packages, classes, parameters, variables, fields (structure records) and methods (functions); insertion, deletion and moving of parameters, field and method moving; pushing down and pulling up fields and methods; encapsulate field; and more. Refactorings are safe with detection of possible conflicts. ·Very solid implementation of code completion. Recognizing approximately 15 different contexts with completions auto-updated after each modification of source code without need for recompilation. ·Functions for finding forgotten symbols. ·Detection of unused variables, methods and functions. · Javadoc documentation available at your finger tips via hot keys. · Multiple projects support with project auto-detection. ·Interfacing Emacs IDE functions from the compile.el and comint.el packages. ·Capable of generating HTML documentation. ·Full undo under Emacs and XEmacs.Requirements:· Emacs (recommended)· XEmacs (recommended)Installation:Download Xrefactory distribution corresponding to your platform by clicking on the appropriate link from the table above. If your platform is not listed in the table, or you have some troubles, then select the xrefactory-source-code distribution containing the newest source based portable version. To finish the installation follow the appropriate instructions below: Decompress and de-tar the downloaded file.If you have downloaded source based distribution, goto the directory 'xref-any' and type: makeWhen compilation finishes, goto the newly created directory "../xref" and continue by the next point. To finish the installation, go to the created directory "xref" and type: sh ./xrefsetupWhat's New in This Release:
· The sources were adjusted to work with the gcc-4 compiler.


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