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WOSH Framework 0.8.888

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Feb 14, 2015
Alessandro Polo
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WOSH Framework 0.8.888

by Alessandro Polo

WOSH (Wide Open Smart Home) is an open source and multi-platform framework (message oriented middleware)written in ANSI C++, designed to enable (smart) home automation.

WOSH is a Service Oriented Framework (SOA) providing a (Network) OS independent infrastructure for developing component based software (services, aka bundles), but it ships with many implemented services and some end-user applications (as woshsrv, WorkShop).

WOSH and some components are (partially) based on QT4.

This project is actually released for developers, the current stage is not yet ready for end-users.

Some reasons to use and join the WOSH project are:

* It's free, open source, alive!
* It's modular and growing
* It's easy to plug-in new features (C++ required)
* It has been though to be efficient and intuitive
* It contains state-of-the-art libraries (QT4, gloox, festival, gstreamer010, ..)
* It comes with many built-in services (networking, communication, entertainment, remote control, ..)


OS requirements for WOSH Framework 0.8.888:

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