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WidgetServer/UGAT 3.1

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Feb 15, 2015
Dirk van der Weiden
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WidgetServer/UGAT 3.1

by Dirk van der Weiden

WidgetServer is a component based Java/XML server-side GUI-framework which enables an application to run as either
UGAT helps you build basic applications automatically from different sources like SQL/DDL older hibernate mappings.

- a monolithic application with a Swing GUI,
- a client/server application with a thin Swing client,
- or as an application with a rich Web client based on HTML and JavaScript

without any change and without loss of functionality!

WidgetServer gives you the choice if you develop a GUI either using

- HTML markup,
- a Java API like Swing,
- or XML markup.

XML markup helps to define an application's GUI fully separated from java code, Java code is useful for dynamic creation and modification during application runtime, while HTML markup is the best choice for typical web applications.

WidgetServer provides a unified component-based, object-oriented programming interface for Web and Swing GUIs to control and modify the GUI and to process events. The framework prevents from struggling with HTML, JavaScript and HTTP requests or from caring about the internals of Swing (e.g. Drag and Drop implementation).

For Swing client/server applications the framework cares for the client/server split as well as for the client/server communication including compression and security layers. Web applications are fully AJAX enabled while this feature remains fully configurable.

The framework also supports a mixed deployment mode, which enables one server to serve Swing clients and Web clients at the same time. The functionality of the Swing widget set is covered widely (and sometimes enhanced) in both (Swing and Web/HTML) client channels.

The project comes with a WYSIWYG GUI-builder which is completely build on the Wi.Ser-framework technology.


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