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Virtualmin 4.12

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Feb 15, 2015
Virtualmin, Inc.
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Virtualmin 4.12

by Virtualmin, Inc.

Virtualmin is an open source, platform-independent and freely distributed virtual hosting management solution designed from the ground up to make virtual hosting quick, reliable, and secure on Linux/UNIX operating systems.

Designed for Webmin

It is a module for the widely used Webmin system administration interface. The project is easy to install, professionally supported, and aggressively targeted to answer the needs of web hosting providers.

Being based on the powerful Webmin software, Virtualmin offers a wide array of productivity-enhancing utilities for web developers, hosting providers, web designers, and end users.

Features at a glance

With Virtualmin, you will be able to create and manage Apache virtual hosts, MySQL databases, BIND DNS domains, as well as aliases and/or mailboxes for the Postfix and Sendmail mail transfer agents (MTA).

It integrates into your current configuration and makes use of available Webmin modules. Virtualmin doesn’t require a web or mail server, not even a database server, to work as expected.

Another interesting feature is the ability to create a Webmin user for each virtual server. These users will be restricted to managing only the domain assigned to them, as well as its configuration files. Managing of mail aliases and mailboxes of the respective domain is also possible.

It’s cost-effective and it just works

Virtualmin is mobile, comprehensive, easy-to-use, flexible, cost-effective, and works well with other system administration tools. It is an unique and powerful web server administration solution for Linux and UNIX-like OSes.

For your convenience, the software is distributed as native installers for distributions of Linux that use either of the RPM or DEB package management systems. However, you can also use it on other Linux kernel-based operating systems, and it’s compatible with both 64-bit and 32-bit hardware architectures.


OS requirements for Virtualmin 4.12:

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