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vimdb 0.1

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GPL (GNU General Public License)
Nov 30, -1
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Feb 15, 2015
Benjamin Schnitzler
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vimdb 0.1

by Benjamin Schnitzler

vimdb is a Vim plugin to simulate a simple database.This plugin is useful to store information in a database-like design. Be aware that it make strong usage of (locally defined) autocommands and that it will set "virtualedit=all" which may cause problems with other scripts (see :h virtualedit). Look into the file for a bit! more description. Developer Comments:PLEASE NOTE some other warnings:The script is in an early state of development, as it is not very well documented and tested, but nearly all features i planned for the "basic" version of it are included. I am aware of the opportunities of implementing further features. There are still some bugs, dont expect it to be working, DONT STORE IMPORTANT DATA TO IT. Look for mappings in the plugin file "vimdb.vim". To create a new database name a file *.vimdb and edit it. Two windows will appear, on the left side the table view, on the right side a view of the record, the cursor is over.Switch to the right side and go into insert mode by hitting "o" or "O" (dont use an other command). Type in something and press escape: On the left side will appear your typing as the header of the first column of your database. Repeat this several times. Note, that you shouldn't use "" in your typing which is the (at the moment unchangeable) separator for columns in the database.Switch back to the other window, copy and paste the first line to the line below. Put the cursor on the new line and switch to record view on the right. Go into insert mode and edit the record. Well done!Note: You will sure discover at least one bug, please don't kill me for that, you were warned. About Vim:Vim is a text editor first released by Bram Moolenaar in 1991 for the Amiga computer. Vim was created as an extended version of the vi editor, with many additional features designed to be helpful in editing program source code; its full name is Vi IMproved.While Vim is cross-platform, it is most popular on Unix-like operating systems.Released under a software license compatible with the GNU General Public License, Vim is free and open source software. The program's license includes some charityware clauses.Like vi, Vim's interface is based not on menus or icons but on commands given in a text user interface; its GUI mode, gVim, adds menus and toolbars for commonly used commands but the full functionality is still expressed through its command line mode.For many users learning Vim may be slow initially, but once the basics are understood they progress quickly. To facilitate this, Vim has a built-in tutorial for beginners. There is also the Vim Users' Manual that details the basic and more advanced Vim features. This manual can be read from within Vim, or found online.Vim also has a built-in help facility (using the :help command) that allows users to query and navigate through commands and features.


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