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Transmageddon 1.5

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Feb 14, 2015
Christian Schaller
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Transmageddon 1.5

by Christian Schaller

Transmageddon is an open source application that provides users with an easy-to-use and modern video conversion utility based on the highly acclaimed GStreamer multimedia framework.

The application has been designed from the ground up to integrate well into the GNOME desktop environment. It aims to help Linux users to effortlessly create the files they need in order to play them on a wide range of mobile devices.

In more technical terms, it’s a video transcoder software for Linux and UNIX-like operating systems that endorses any multimedia format that is supported by the GStreamer multimedia framework.

Features at a glance

Key features include presets, a familiar and user-friendly graphical user interface written in GTK+ and designed to be compatible with a wide range of open source desktop environment, support for a plethora of input and output streams, as well as integration with GNOME 3 or later.

The GUI front-end will offer basic information about the input video stream, such as the width and height of the video file, the video codec used, the number of audio channels, and the audio codec used.

Various presets are available

It will allow users to choose from various presets, such as Apple iPod Nano, Generic Linux Computer, HTC Android G1, HTML5 WebM, Motorola KRZR K1v, Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3), as well as Nokia N770, N800, N810, and N900.

In addition, users will be able to rotate the video image (if needed) using various presets, such as clockwise 90 degrees, rotate 180 degrees, counterclockwise 90 degrees, horizontal flip, vertical flip, upper left diagonal flip, as well as upper right diagonal flip.

Supports a wide range of multimedia file formats

Supported output formats include Ogg Vorbis, Matroska (MKV), AVI, MPEG PS, MPEG TS, AVCHD/BD, FLV, QuickTime, MPEG4, 3GPP, MXF, ASF, WebM, or no container (audio-only). Furthermore, supported audio codecs include Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Speex, CELT, AAC, AC3, MP3, WMA8, MP2, and AMR.


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