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Time Drive 0.4.0

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Feb 13, 2015
Rob Oakes
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Time Drive 0.4.0

by Rob Oakes

Time Drive is a backup software for Linux that offers an easy way to keep all of your files files, photos, music and documents backed up. Just set it up, and then let Time Drive do the rest of the work.

Should you ever delete a file that you needed, you can either quickly browse or search your archive for it. And if you need to restore a bunch of files, you can add as many as you like to the queue and restore them with a single click.

While backup should be simple and easy, it should never compromise power or security. Because it uses the open source library, Duplicity, for its backend, Time Drive has both in abundance. It can creates incremental backup copies of files and directories by encrypting tar-format volumes. It can then send those archives to a local drive or over the internet via ftp, ssh/scp, rysnc, WebDav, or secure WebDav. If that isn’t enough, Time Drive can also be used to backup to remote drives that have been mounted with virtual file systems like sshfs or smbfs.


Duplicity. To install Duplicity on Linux, select the version corresponding to your platform and install as you would any other package. For Ubuntu, right click on the package after it has finished downloading and then select, “Install with GDebi Package Manager.” Then, click on the “Install” button.

Synaptic will download and install all of the packages for ssh and webdav support. However, for ftp support you will need to also install ncftp. This is most easily done from the terminal, simply type:

 sudo apt-get install ncftp

To install Duplicity on Mac OS X and on Windows, you will need to compile the various dependencies manually. A standalone installer for Windows machines and an application bundle for Mac will be released shortly.

Time Drive. After Duplicity and PyQt have been installed, download the Time Drive source code and extract it to a location on your hard drive. Next, navigate to the recently extracted folder in a terminal window:

 cd /path/to/Time-Drive

To install the program, type:

 python install

This will copy the necessary files to the correct locations on the hard drive. You can then run the program by typing the following command from the terminal:



OS requirements for Time Drive 0.4.0:

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