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TEA text editor 39.1.0

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Feb 15, 2015
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TEA text editor 39.1.0

by roxton

TEA is an open source plain text/HTML editor and word processor application that provides users with hundreds of unique and useful functions. It supports UNIX-like operating systems, as well as the Microsoft Windows OSes.

Features at a glance

Key features include a very small size, built-in Midnight Commander style file manager, image viewer, spellchecker, tabbed layout engine, syntax highlighting, support for multiple encodings, in-text labels a.k.a. markers, as well as code snippets and templates.

Among other notable features, we can mention customizable keyboard shortcuts, miscellaneous HTML utilities, file previews in external browsers, bookmarks, morse code translator, calendar and organizer.

Another interesting feature is the ability to edit LaTeX, MediaWiki,Dokuwiki, Lout, Docbook documents. Also, the application providessupport for drag & drop of image and text files, as well as abuilt-in image resizer and converter.

Supports a wide range of document formats

The application supports a wide range of document formats, including Plain Text, OpenDocument Text (ODT), SWX (old format), KWord (KWD), AbiWord, Microsoft Office (DOCX), Scribus, RTF, and FB2.

In addition, it comes with syntax highlighting for numerous programming languages, such as C, C++, BASIC, Bash script, C#, D, Java, Fortran, LilyPond, Lua, Lout, NASM, Pascal, NSIS, Perl, PO (gettext), PHP, Python, TeX/LaTeX, Seed7, Vala, XML, Verilog, HTML, XHTML, and Wikitext.

Under the hood and availability

Under the hood, we can report that TEA is written in the C++ programming language and its graphical user interface is designed with the Qt GUI toolkit. It supports both Qt4 or Qt5 frameworks, and optionally the Hunspell or Aspell spell checkers.

On Linux, the program is distributed as a binary archive that supports only the 64-bit hardware platform. A source archive is also available for download, allowing experienced users to deploy the application on any operating system.

Bottom line

Overall, TEA is a great text editor application, that can be used as an image viewer or basic HTML editor. It supports both Linux and Windows operating systems.


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