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Latest Updates-Science

  • SimpleITK 0.7.1.post1 The Apache License 2.0
    SimpleITK 0.7.1.post1
  • QIT 0.9.12 GPL v3
    Quantum Information Toolkit
  • Hyperspy 0.5 GPL v3
    Hyperspectral data analysis toolbox
  • paegan 0.9.9 GPL v3
    Processing and Analysis for Numerical Data
  • GNAT Other/Proprietary License
    Glycosylation analysis toolbox built in MATLAB
  • EGADS 0.5.6 BSD License
    EUFAR General Airborne Data-processing Software
  • daft 0.0.3 MIT/X Consortium License
    A PGM rendering application
  • nibabel 1.3.0 MIT/X Consortium License
    Access a multitude of neuroimaging data formats
  • Nengo 1.4 MPL (Mozilla Public License)
    Create neural networks with ease
  • Gas 2D Simulator 0.1 Pre-Alpha MIT/X Consortium License
    A simple monoatomic gas simulator for Linux
  • JAGS 3.3.0 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    Yet Another Gibbs Sampler
  • Viper 1.0.1 LGPL v2 (GNU Lesser General Public Lic...
    A minimalistic scientific plotter and run-time visualization module
  • UART PLOT 0.2.1 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    Serial port data plotting tool
  • Utopia Documents 2.2.0 Beta Freely Distributable
    A smart software to explore PDF articles with new eyes!
  • Fortools_dd 0.3 Open Software License
    A set of free forensic tools for Linux