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Latest Updates-Science and Engineering

  • PatientOS 0.99 GPL v3
    PatientOS 0.99
  • openMolar 0.1.9 GPL v3
    Dental Practice Management Suite
  • MediTux 1.0 Freeware
    A software for typical medical practices
  • Gnome Nutrition Analysis 0.31 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    A nutritional analysis software for GNOME written in C.
  • CamBA 2.3.0 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    Statistical analysis software
  • Pantry 32 MIT/X Consortium License
    Pantry is a command-line nutrient analysis program for Unix-like operating systems.
  • OSHIP 2009-07-02 MPL (Mozilla Public License)
    Open Source Health Information Platform
  • OpenBt 1.0 BSD License
    A secure and scalable platform for publishing command line tools as RESTful web services.
  • Aghermann 0.1 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    Aghermann is a sleep-research experiment management program.
  • Febrl 0.4.1 MPL (Mozilla Public License)
    Febrl does data standardisation and probabilistic record linkage of one or more files or data sour...
  • i2b2 1.3 LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
    Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside
  • smib 0.36 Public Domain
    A rustic, free and Open Source computer algebra system for Linux operating platforms
  • Hilbert II 0.04.06 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    The Goal of Hilbert II is the creation of a system that enables a working mathematician to put the...
  • DanCalculator 0.3 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    A simple calculator for Linux
  • Gauss–Jordan elimination 3 Beta GPL v3
    A tool to invert matrices using the Gauss–Jordan elimination