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QProjector 0.3.0

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Feb 15, 2015
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QProjector 0.3.0

by Rawk

QProjector is an application to present different types of media on a projector. QProjector supports texts, lyrics, images... It's easy to handle, expandable through plugins and uses a database. It's for example usable in church services.Requirements:· Qt >=4.2 (incl. dev-packages)· MySQL plugin for Qt (maybe it's included in the standard Qt-package of your distribution)· MySQL database· Sword >=1.5.9 (incl. dev-packages) for the Scripture plugin· Poppler with Qt4 bindings (incl. dev-packages) for the PDF pluginCompileStart a terminal an go into the qprojector directoryEnter: qmake -recursive && make(may be it's qmake-qt4 on your distribution insted of qmake)InstallEnter: sudo make installUninstallJust remove /usr/local/bin/qprojector, /usr/local/share/qprojector/ and the settings under ~/.config/QProjector/:sudo rm /usr/local/bin/qprojector; sudo rm -r /usr/local/share/qprojector; rm -r ~/.config/QProjectorWhat's New in This Release:
· Text slides within an set item can have the same font size· Menu at the add set item button (makes adding new items to the set easier)· Alternative title for Songs· Auto update for preview in song and text input· Text field in song and text input gets focus when slide gets selected· Paintings of slides which are not used in presentation get removed after editing to minimize memory usage (song and text)· Shortcut Ctrl++ to add slides and set items (used where you can see a "+" as icon)· Allow mass import of songs (Bug #1904711)· Export more than one song at a time by selecting a folder and using the title as file name· Show text of truncated items as tool tip (e.g. in song list)· Maximum width for the first two columns in the slide list relative to the complete list's width· Extended song filter· Fixed:· Possible memory leak which appears when a slide gets cloned (presentation widget)· Crash in Song settings widget, if there's no db connection· Drawing slides with text which direction is opposite to the system's text direction· Faster creation of song list· Faster song filter (Bug #1904708, thanks to Stéphane Brunner for an initial patch)· Style widget is in a scroll area (useful in set item add dialog with type text on small screens)


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