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python-lzf 0.2.1

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BSD License
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Feb 11, 2015
Travis Parker
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python-lzf 0.2.1

by Travis Parker

python-lzf are Python bindings for liblzf.

This package is just a straight translation of the C api of liblzf to python. It has two functions: compress() and decompress().

compress() accepts a string to compress and an optional maximum length for the output. If it cannot compress the string down to the requested size is to return None. The default behavior if no size is explicitly requested is to use one less than the length of the input, so the caller must always be prepared for a return value of None.

decompress() accepts a string and a size in which the uncompressed result must fit. If the uncompressed version doesn't fit in the specified size then the function returns None.


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