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PeRKy 1404190

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Feb 15, 2015
Guillaume Lemaître
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PeRKy 1404190

by Guillaume Lemaître

PeRKy is an open source and completely free command-line software implemented in Python and designed from the offset to be used for managing application requirements with any SCM (Source Control Manager) as storage layer.

Based on the 1 file per requirement principle

Being based on a simple principle, namely 1 file per requirement, PeRKy allows Python developers to easily synchronize the documentation and the source code of their application(s) simply by using a single set of utilities for both operations.

Additionally, the PeRKy software integrates notions of distributed development, which will highly limit the risk of finding conflicts when multiple branches of development are merged. Various command-line options are included, which can be viewed at a glance by running the ‘’ command in any terminal emulator.

Command-line options

A usage message for transforming an input file on standard output comprises of the main command followed by one of the available options, such as ‘split’ for searching PRK-REQ marks in the given file and output it in a different file, ‘merge’ for searching PRK-INC marks in a given file and merging it with the normal output, as well as ‘yield’ for searching PRK-INC marks in a given file and merging and formatting the file with the standard output.

In addition, we can mention the ‘boost’ option for outputting all requirements introduced by the given file, one per line, the ‘cross’ option for outputting direct traceability matrix, one per of requirements per line, and the ‘track’ option for outputting all requirements referenced by the given file, one per line.

Getting started with PeRKy

To use the PeRKy program on your GNU/Linux operating system, you must download the latest version from Softpedia, save the archive somewhere on your computer, unpack it, open a terminal emulator software, navigate to the location of Src directory (e.g. cd /home/softpedia/prk-1404190/Src), and run the ‘’ command.


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