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PasDoc 0.13.0

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Feb 14, 2015
Marco Schmidt
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PasDoc 0.13.0

by Marco Schmidt

PasDoc is a freely distributed and open source command-line software implemented in Delphi/Object Pascal and designed from the offset to act as a handy and easy-to-use tool that allows Pascal developers to generate documentation for Pascal unit files.

Supports FreePascal, Object Pascal and Delphi specific features

The program fetches the descriptions from comments found inside the source code and generates the documentation in the various file formats. It supports FreePascal, Object Pascal and Delphi specific features, and recognizes code written in Object Pascal or Pascal.

It supports a wide range of output formats, including XML, HTML, LaTeX (PostScript and PDF), HTMLHelp, as well as latex2rft, supports automatic linking of identifiers, supports comment markers, and supports special @-tags for formatting documents, called pasdoc syntax.

Among other interesting features, we can mention support for the modern Object Pascal language that is heavily used in the latest versions of the Delphi and FreePascal programs, as well as support for generating documentation using only the comments written in the source code.

Includes many other advanced features

The software also includes a nice set of advanced features, among which we can mention support for avoiding writing of @link and @abstract tags everywhere, support for adding a search box to the generated documentation, as well as GraphViz support, so you can easily integrate unit dependency graphs and classes.

Its graphical user interface is more easy to use then the command-line interface, if you’re a lazy developer or if you want to get the job do without getting your hands too dirty. Just open the application by running the ‘pasdoc_gui’ command in a terminal emulator or from the Run dialog.

Set the options as you see fit, add the source files by accessing the "Source Files" tab, save your options as a .pds file, and generate the documentation by clicking the "Generate" button or by pressing the F9 key.


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