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oh-my-vim 0.7

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GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Feb 15, 2015
Gael Pasgrimaud
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oh-my-vim 0.7

by Gael Pasgrimaud

oh-my-vim is a Vim plugin that allows you to manage your Vim plugins.

It's eavily inspired from oh-my-zsh.


It's recommended to install oh-my-vim as a non root user.

Just run:

 pip install oh-my-vim

Install from the repository:

 pip install -e "git+"

Add the --upgrade option for upgrading.

If oh-my-vim is installed as root. You'll have to upgrade your user account:

 oh-my-vim upgrade all

Have a look at your ~/.vimrc:

 vim ~/.vimrc

And select your favorites profiles.


Browse all VimL projects available on github in your favorite browser:

 oh-my-vim search [-t] [term]

Installation. You can use a git url or a requires.txt file/url wich contains git urls:

 oh-my-vim install [giturl|requires.txt]

Remove a bundle:

 oh-my-vim remove [bundle1|bundle2|...]

List installed packages:

 oh-my-vim list

List all packages listed in Oh My Vim's registry:

 oh-my-vim list -a

Generate a requires.txt file:

 oh-my-vim list -u > requires.txt

Upgrade bundles:

 oh-my-vim upgrade [bundle1|bundle2|...]

Notice that you'd better use pip install --upgrade oh-my-vim to get a clean update. This will also update all bundles.


OS requirements for oh-my-vim 0.7:

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