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Notepas 0.9.34

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GPL v3
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Feb 15, 2015
Tim Sinaeve
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Notepas 0.9.34

by Tim Sinaeve

Notepas is an open source, totally free, portable and multiplatform text editor written in Lazarus and designed to be compiled for multiple widget sets using the Free Pascal compiler. It’s distributed as binary archives for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Features at a glance

With a non-bloated, intuitive, clean and responsive graphical user interface, the application features support for code filter, code shaper, smart select, align lines, support for common syntax coloring rules, enhanced docking support, display of line numbers, search matches highlighting, matching bracket highlighting, text matching highlighting, and words matching highlighting.

In addition, the application can handle both uncomment or comment for block and line comments depending on the active highlighter, allows users to specify highlighter rules using XML files, supports multiple line endings and encoding schemes, search and replace functionality that works across multiple opened documents and supports regular expressions.

Among other features, we can mention syntax highlighting, code folding, multi-line comment folding, selection folding, region folding, synchronized edit, colored line modification indicators, smart searching, user definable highlighters, routine separators, zoom, support for multiple languages, as well as support for monitoring external changes.

Another interesting feature is the ability to drag and drop both code selections and files into the main window. An advanced set of keyboard shortcuts will ensure a fast navigation, as well as intuitive text editing. Support for alpha blended coloring of multiple layers of transparency is also supported, along with the built-in column selection mode.

Furthermore, several experimental features are available for download, such as a structure viewer, a Hex editor, a HTML viewer, support for bookmarks, upport for scripting via the DWS (DelphiWebScript) engine, support for both external and internal code formatters, as well as support for multiple views.

Under the hood and availability

The application is written in the Free Pascal programming language and uses both the Qt and GTK+ GUI toolkits for its graphical user interface. It is distributed as pre-built binary archives for 64-bit computers.


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