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NoteIf 0.0.1 Alpha

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Feb 15, 2015
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NoteIf 0.0.1 Alpha

by IfTux

NoteIf is an open source, free and very simple graphical text editor implemented in Gambas and designed as a NotePad alternative for Linux kernel-based operating systems. It is only translated in Spanish.

Easy to use graphical user interface

The software features an easy-to-use and straightforward graphical user interface (GUI) that allows users to effortlessly create simple text files in the .txt format. NoteIf also lets users to change the font style and color of the text.

We should mention that NoteIf is based on the CLText project, which was discontinued in year 2012. At the moment, NoteIf is in very early development stage and some functionality is missing.

Supported on major GNU/Linux distributions

A strong feature of this application is that it comes with native installers for major GNU/Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, OpenMandriva, Mageia, and Slackware. A source package is also available for download, but unusable at the moment.

Getting started with NoteIf

To use the software, download the native installer for your distribution. Save the package on a location of your choice, double click it and follow the on-screen instructions (depending on your package manager).

After installation, you will be able to open the software from the Applications Menu of your desktop environment or search for it if you have a Start Menu with a built-in search functionality. That’s it, you can now write notes and save them as plain text files.

Under the hood

Taking a look under the hood of the NoteIf application, we can notice that it has been written in the Gambas object-oriented programming language, and that it uses the cross-platform Qt GUI toolkit for its modern and attractive graphical user interface. Both 32 and 64-bit computer platforms are supported at this time, and Gambas 3 or later is required.


OS requirements for NoteIf 0.0.1 Alpha:

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