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MySQL Community Edition 4.1.24 / 4.0.30 / 3.23.58

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Feb 14, 2015
Oracle Corporation
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MySQL Community Edition 4.1.24 / 4.0.30 / 3.23.58

by Oracle Corporation

MySQL Community Edition is an open source, fast and cross-platform relational database management system (RDBMS). It consists of a server daemon (mysqld), as well as several different client programs and libraries. Originally created by Sun Microsystems (now maintained by Oracle), MySQL is more than just "the world's most popular open source database" as it features connectors, replication, and partitioning.

Features at a glance

It also comes with a workbench, enterprise monitor, dashboard and advisors, query analyzer, replication monitor, as well as enterprise backup features. Supported storage engines include MyISAM, InnoDB, NDB, Memory, Merge, Archive, CSV, and more.

Hot backup support for InnoDB1 is also built into the program, which also provides full, incremental and partial backup functions, full and partial restore, point-in-time-recovery, and external authentication.

In addition, the MySQL database server features policy-based auditing compliance, thread pool, cluster manager, automatic scaling, and cluster geo-replication features. Furthermore, the .NET, JDBC and ODBC connectors are supported at this time.

Under the hood, supported OSes and availability

Under the hood, we can mention that MySQL is written in C and C++ programming languages, and it comes with built-in support for over 20 operating systems, including Linux, BSD, Solaris, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

For RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) based Linux distributions, Oracle provides a YUM repository at Stable and development branches of MySQL Community Edition are available for download on the dedicated section.

The MySQL Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise version of the MySQL database engine is available for purchase from the official website. Key features include high availability, backup, scalability, security, audit, monitor, workbench, and dedicated 24x7 technical support. More details about the MySQL Enterprise Edition product can be found on Softpedia or the official website of the project.

Bottom line

All in all, MySQL is a stable and reliable database server that has been used on web server for many years now. It has been recently replaced in various Linux distributions by the brand-new MariaDB database engine.


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