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Linux From Scratch 7.6

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Feb 14, 2015
Gerard Beekmans
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Linux From Scratch 7.6

by Gerard Beekmans

Linux From Scratch (LFS) is an open source project that provides userswith comprehensive documentation for successfully building their owncustom Linux-based operating systems. Originally created byGerard Beekmans and later edited by Bruce Dubbs and Matthew Burgess, theLinux From Scratch project is one of the most complex and welldocumented “How to build your own Linux distribution from scratch”manual.

Targeted at 32-bit and 64-bit architectures

The instructions provided in this manual are targeted at32-bit (AMD/Intel x86) and 64-bit (x86_64) architectures, but you canalso built operating systems that work on PowerPC and ARM CPUs. Itsprimary standards are POSIX.1-2008, Linux Standard Base (LSB)Specifications and Filesystem Hierarchy Standard version 3.0 Draft 1(FHS).

Anyone can learn how to create a Linux kernel-based operating system from scratch

Using this project, anyone can learn how to create a Linuxkernel-based operating system from scratch, by first creating a new partition,formatting the partition with a Linux filesystem, and mounting the newpartition. Then you’ll learn about packages and how to patchthem, as well as how to create a $LFS/tools directory, add a LFS user,setup the environment, and build a temporary system.

You will also learn how to configure the operating system

Next, youwill learn how to install basic system software by first preparing thevirtual kernel file system, enter the chroot environment, createessential directories, files and symlinks, install the kernel, maincompiler and manual pages, adjust the toolchain, and install all theessential packages. Users will also learn how to configure thenetwork, customize the /etc/hosts file, handle modules and devices on aLFS system, create custom symlinks to devices, configure the systemhostname, setclock script, Linux console, sysklogd script, file,/etc/inputrc file, and bash shell startup files.

Final words

Lastly, thedocumentation will provide detailed information about how to create the/etc/fstab file, configure that latest stable Linux kernel package, aswell as to install GRUB as the default boot loader.


OS requirements for Linux From Scratch 7.6:

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