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KOffice 2.3.3

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GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Feb 15, 2015
KOffice Team
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KOffice 2.3.3

by KOffice Team

KOffice project is an integrated office suite for KDE.KOffice features a full set of applications which work together seamlessly to provide the best user experience possible.KOffice components work together. Every program in the KOffice suite is a component which adds more functionality to the whole. You can embed any KOffice component in any other KOffice component, this is realised using the KParts object model from KDE.KOffice, like KDE, is a free project which is released under GPL-compatible open source licenses, e.g. GPL, LGPL and BSD.KOffice stays in active development. This means that KOffice is continually being improved, based on reports from users, evolving software technology and implementation of new features. Not all features are implemented yet in all applications.Some components are more complete than others, but many KOffice applications are already being used for productive professional work. If you want to make KOffice better, or just implement that one little feature you really need, don't hesitate to jump in and we will happily make your changes part of the next release for everyone to use and see.


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