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Kate 4.13.1

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Feb 15, 2015
Kate developers
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Kate 4.13.1

by Kate developers

Kate is an open source and advanced text editor specifically designed for the KDE SC desktop environment. It is derived from the KWrite text editor application and offers top-notch text editing capabilities.

Features at a glance

Key features include the ability to edit all kinds of text files, even very big ones, a powerful syntax highlighting engine that is extensible via XML files, code folding capabilities for several programming languages, such as C, C++, PHP, etc., dynamic word wrap functionality, and multiple views.

Among other features, we can mention a built-in dockable terminal emulator, global grep dialog, support for handling projects, deep integration with the KDE desktop environment, and a plugin architecture for extending its default functionality.

In addition, it is possible to reopen previously edited files, select a character encoding before opening a file, view recently opened documents in a sidebar, browse files and folders, as well as to run selected text through a shell command.

Clean and familiar graphical user interface

The program's graphical user interface is written in Qt, which means that it provides users with a modern GUI that allows users to quickly view the number of lines and columns of a text file, search and replace text in files, open existing files or create new ones, as well as to save documents.

Another interesting feature is the ability to easily navigate between multiple opened documents, even though it doesn't offer a tab based UI (users can also interact with multiple files by activating the Documents sidebar). Undo and redo functionality is also implemented in the graphical user interface.

Bottom line

Whether you use it for editing small or large text files, writing books or documentation, viewing the HTML sources of web pages from Konqueror, writing code for your applications, or editing configuration files, the Kate editor never lets you down.


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