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JCTerm 0.0.11

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GPL (GNU General Public License)
Nov 30, -1
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Feb 15, 2015
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JCTerm 0.0.11

by ymnk

JCTerm is an SSH2 terminal emulator written in pure Java. The project supports port forwarding, X11 forwarding, etc.What's New in This Release:
· JCTerm requires jsch( 0.1.0 or later.· JCTerm requires J2SE 1.4.· JCTermMIDP runs on J2ME/CLDC/MIDP2.0· JCTermJ2MECDC runs on J2ME/CDC/PP 1.0· VT100 emulation· SSH2 protocol support.· X11 forwarding.· connection through HTTP proxy.· connection through SOCKS5 proxy.· local/remote port forwarding.· anti-aliasing text.· sftp support.· packet compression support· JCTerm is licensed under GNU LGPL.Requirements:· JSch· JSch for J2ME· JZlib (optional)What's New in This Release:
· This release supports colored, bold characters with underline, and allows you to resize the terminal window.· An implementation using SWT without AWT and Swing is included.


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