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JChart2D 3.2.2

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Feb 15, 2015
Achim Westermann
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JChart2D 3.2.2

by Achim Westermann

JChart2D is an minimalistic charting library. It is designed for displaying multiple traces consisting of tracepoints. JChart2D is centered around a single configureable swing widget: the Chart2D. It is a JComponent one can add to a java swing user interface.

Therefore basic knowledge of java awt and swing and the information provided on this site is helpful. If no basic knowledge of swing and awt is given, the example code will give a quick entry as well.

Why yet another charting library?

Many open source charting libraries are available. One list may be found at (Askalon itself provides a big charting library).

These solutions differ in purpose and ease of use. Some are especially intended for business charting and therefore allow a lot of visual configuration and nice designs. To state it in one sentence: JChart2D is intended for engineering tasks and not for presentations. It's speciality is run time - dynamic precise display of data with a minimal configuration overhead.
Intended audience

Everybody may use JChart2D for free. Personally I would be very unhappy if it would be used within a "homeland security" and "war on terrorism" company. Even if it would be a techical honour to JChart2D as warfare requires high precision and engineering qualities.


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