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Latest Updates-Internet

  • Prism 0.1.1 BSD License
    Prism 0.1.1
  • CFAnalyze 0.0.1 MIT/X Consortium License
    Amazon CloudFront Access Log Analyzer
  • WOTS 2.3 Freely Distributable
    A tool for monitoring logs
  • tileheat 0.0.1 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    Geospatial traffic analyzer
  • log_analysis 0.46 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    A log file analysis engine that extracts relevant data for any of the recognised log
  • lnav 0.6.0 BSD License
    The Logfile Navigator
  • Apache log4net 1.2.13 The Apache License 2.0
    A simple and free library designed to help programmer output log statements on Linux
  • Octopussy 1.0.11 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    A Perl and XML syslog analyzer/alerter/reporter tool for Linux
  • AWStats 7.3 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    An Open Source and free Web/Mail/FTP server log file analyzer that displays advanced statistics
  • Free-SA 1.6.2 / 2.0.0 Beta 6p7 GPL v3
    A free report generating and log processing application for proxy, web and mail log files
  • pgBadger 6.2 BSD License
    This project provides a command-line and fast PostgreSQL log analyzer for Linux.
  • Sarg 2.3.9 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    An Open Source and cross-platform analysis report generator for the Squid application
  • NXlog Enterprise Edition 2.8.1248 Shareware
    A commercial, enterprise-ready, powerful and universal log collector and forwarder software
  • NXlog Community Edition 2.8.1248 Other/Proprietary License
    An Open Source, universal and very powerful log collector and forwarder application
  • pmacct 1.5.0 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    An Open Source collection of small IPv4/IPv6 accounting and aggregation tools for Linux