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GNOME Devel Docs 3.15.4

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Feb 15, 2015
Shaun McCance
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GNOME Devel Docs 3.15.4

by Shaun McCance

GNOME Devel Docs (gnome-devel-docs) is an open source project distributed for free along with the GNOME desktop environment, providing comprehensive documentation for developers who work on the GNOME Project, as well as for aspiring programmers who want to create feature-rich apps for GNOME. The documentation can be easily accessed via the GNOME Help application.

It is structured in six main categories

The gnome-devel-docs package comprises of numerous documentation elements, which are translated in several language (see the section below for details) and organized in six main categories. In alphabetical order, they are Accessibility Devel Guide, HIG (Human Interface Guidelines), Optimization Guide, Platform Demos, Platform Overview and Programming Guidelines.

Therefore, the package will provide GNOME developers with detailed documentation about how to optimize their applications for the GNOME desktop environment, implement the Human Interface Guidelines when designing graphical user interfaces for their apps, as well as to learn GNOME programming.

Supported languages

Currently, each of the aforementioned category of documentation is translated in several languages, but not all of them are translated in the same amount of languages. Among the supported languages, we can mention, English, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish, Galician, Slovenian, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Greek, German, Czech, Catalan, Slovak, and Occitan.

Shipped with GNOME Project

As expected, this package is shipped with the GNOME Project and it is automatically deployed in any fresh installation of the GNOME desktop environment and can be easily acccessed by pressing the F1 key anywhere on the desktop. The GNOME Library window will pop-up, allowing you to search for a specific item.

What about user-related documentation?

The GNOME Project also comes with comprehensive documentation for end-users who want to learn how to use the GNOME desktop environment, set up various application, as well as to configure several settings. This package is called GNOME User Docs (gnome-user-docs) and it is available for download on Softpedia.


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