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gAnyRemote 6.3.3

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GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Feb 15, 2015
Mikhail Fedotov
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gAnyRemote 6.3.3

by Mikhail Fedotov

gAnyRemote is an open source and free Linux program designed from the ground up to act as a front-end for the anyRemote bluetooth remote control software on top of the GNOME desktop environment or any other graphical session that supports the GTK+ toolkit.

What is anyRemote?

The overall goal of the anyRemote project is to provide wireless Bluetooth or InfraRed remote control service on any GNU/Linux operating systems. It comes with several graphical front-ends, including the popular kAnyRemore and gAnyRemote applications, as well as an Android app and a plugin for the Kopete instant messenger client.

anyRemote for GNOME

Just like kAnyRemote, the application boasts a very simple design that allows the user to quickly start or stop the anyRemote server, as well as to load and edit the configuration file specific to a certain software (see below for supported apps).

Supported applications

Numerous GNOME and KDE apps are supported by the AnyRemote software. Among the most popular ones, we can mention Eye of GNOME, Evince, Totem, Audacious, BMP, Exaile, Banshee, Comix, Elisa, GPicView, Decibel audio player, Gmusicbrowser, gThumb, Listen, MPlayer, MPD, MythTV, Noatun, Rhythmbox, XMMS2, Apache OpenOffice Impress, Quodlibet, SMPlayer, TVtime, Xine, WmCtrl, XBMC (Kodi) and VLC Media Player.

Under the hood and supported desktop environment

As expected, gAnyRemote has been written with the GTK+ toolkit, which means that it is designed to be used on any GTK-powered desktop environment, such as GNOME, LXDE or Xfce, as well as the lightweight Openbox and Fluxbox window managers.

Supported operating systems, hardware platforms and availability

The application is distributed for free on Softpedia, as a universal sources archive, designed to be installed on any GNU/Linux distribution where its runtime requirements are available, including anyRemote. It has been successfully tested with some of the most popular distributions of Linux on both 32-bit and 64-bit hardware platforms.


OS requirements for gAnyRemote 6.3.3:

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