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FoxToPhone for SeaMonkey 1.2.4

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Feb 14, 2015
AlfonsoML and smallroomstudiosnet
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FoxToPhone for SeaMonkey 1.2.4

by AlfonsoML and smallroomstudiosnet

Based on the ChromeToPhone project, FoxToPhone (formerly Send To Phone) is a SeaMonkey extension that enables you to send links and text to your Android 2.2+ phone.

Features (same as ChromeToPhone):
- Send current page with address bar button
- Send currently selected text (max 1024 chars) to the phone's clipboard with address bar button
- Detection of Google Maps, YouTube, telephone numbers (performed at the Android App)

Specific features for Firefox:
- Right click on any link/image/selected text to send to your Android phone
- Click on market:, smsto: and tel: links to open them in your phone


OS requirements for FoxToPhone for SeaMonkey 1.2.4:

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