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fgl 1.7

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GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Feb 15, 2015
Tim Kim
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fgl 1.7

by Tim Kim

fgl is a Vim plugin that works as an extension to ctags for 4GL/4Js language to create tags.

Developer comments

The attached files are the extension to ctags program to recognize 4GL/4Js programs.

When 'fgl.c' file in is compiled with exuberant ctags source, ctags(executable) will generate tags for vim/vi.

I compiled exuberant ctags source in AIX without any problem. Only trouble I faced was that source codes in ctags-5.4 tar file had DOS line breaks and had to translate them to UNIX line breaks using dos2unix utility.


1. Download Exuberant ctags source and decompress into a directory
2. Unzip file to the same directory.
3. You should convert DOS line breaks to UNIX line breaks if necessary
4. Type './configure' in the directory
5. Type 'make' to compile source codes
6. Copy ctags(executable) to a directory whose execution path is recognized
7. Add the following line to .vimrc/.gvimrc to set tag option in vim/gvim
set tag=tags
You may set the 'tag' option with multiple files along with their paths separated by a space.
8. Type 'ctags *.4gl' in your 4GL program directory, where a new tag file will be generated
9. Now you are ready to use tag command in vim/gvim/vi


OS requirements for fgl 1.7:

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