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Evince 3.15.4

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GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Feb 15, 2015
Nickolay V. Shmyrev
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Evince 3.15.4

by Nickolay V. Shmyrev

Evince is an open source document viewer application for the GNOMEdesktop environment. It is integrated directly into the controversialdesktop, allowing users to view all sorts of documents. Theprogram’s goal is to replace the multitude of document viewers thatexist for the GNOME project, such as gPDF, GGV, and Xpdf, with a single,intuitive and simple application that does what is says on the tin.

Supports a wide range of document file formats

Amongthe supported file formats, we can mention PDF, PostScript, DJVU, DVI,multi-page TIFF, XPS, and SyncTex. In addition, various comics bookformats are supported by Evince, including CBR, CBZ, CB7 and CBT.

Offers built-in integrated search functionality

Fora quite simple and straightforward application, Evince comes withbuilt-in integrated search, page thumbnails, and page indexingfunctionality. By default it is distributed with the GNOMEdesktop environment, but you can easily install it in any other opensource desktop environment, as a standalone application.

Dubbed Document Viewer

Ifyou’re a GNOME user, you won’t even notice Evice. Simply becausethere’sno need to add a launcher for it, or to search the app in GNOMEShell.Just double click a supported document and it will beautomaticallyopened by Evince. The application is dubbed Document Viewer underthe GNOME desktop environment, as well as on many Linux distributions.

Features at a glance

It allows users to open or save a copy of the current document, printthe current page or an entire document, as well as to open the folderthat contains the current document. Among other interestingfeatures, we can mention the ability to search PDF documents, zoom in orout documents, jump to a desired page, add bookmarks, and view thefonts used in the current document.

The default document viewer of GNOME

We said it before, and we’llsay it again: Evince is the default document for GNOME, and this meansthat there’s no need for us to recommend this software to anyone whouses the GNOME desktop environment.


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