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Enki 13.09.2

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GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Feb 15, 2015
Andrei Kopats
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Enki 13.09.2

by Andrei Kopats

Enki is an open source and free graphical application written in Python and Qt, and designed as a powerful, yet lightweight text editor for programmers.

Enki features syntax highlighting for more than 200 programming languages, advanced text edit operations, rectangular selection, bookmarks, powerful search and replace functionality, and file system tree browser.

Moreover, the application includes a locator, which is a file open dialog that features bash-like Tab completion and globs support. Autocompletion, based on document contents, MIT Scheme and Standard ML (SML) REPL integration, as well as Markdown, reStructuredText and HTML live preview functionality is also available.

Being written in Python and Qt, Enki is a platform-independent application that supports the Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple's Mac OS X operating systems.


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