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Latest Updates-Desktop Environment

  • WinAte 1.3 Freeware
    WinAte 1.3
  • GNOME Panel 3.15.2 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    An Open Source project that contains the main panel app for the GNOME desktop environment
  • GNOME Do 0.95.3 GPL v3
    This project provides a powerful, fast and eye-candy app launcher for your GNOME desktop
  • HackerTray 3.0.0 MIT/X Consortium License
    This project provides an Open Source and minimalist Hacker News app for Ubuntu Linux
  • Mutate 2.3 MIT/X Consortium License
    An open source software project that provides a simple launcher inspired by OSX's Alfred
  • Equake 1.03.6 GPL v3
    A handy Xfce utility that monitors earthquakes and notifies you about current earthquakes on your ...
  • Synergy 1.6.2 Beta GPL (GNU General Public License)
    An application that lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers
  • Xpad 4.5.0 GPL v3
    An easy to use, free and open-source virtual sticky note application for your Linux OS
  • Gnote 3.14.2 GPL v3
    An Open Source port of the Tomboy application, specifically designed for the GNOME desktop environ...
  • GNOME Online Accounts 3.15.4 LGPL v2 (GNU Lesser General Public Lic...
    A tool to easily manage all your online accounts in the GNOME desktop environment
  • kde-services 2.0-6 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    This tiny project enables various functionality in the right click context menu of KDE
  • Variety 0.5.2 GPL v3
    A wallpaper changer utility for your GNU/Linux operating system, designed for Ubuntu
  • GNOME Power Manager 3.14.1 / 3.16 Beta 1 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    A GNOME session daemon that takes care of power management in the Open Source desktop environment
  • Rainlendar Pro 2.12.2 Build 138 / 2.13 Build 142 Beta Other/Proprietary License with Free Tr...
    An easy-to-use, customizable and free desktop calendar for Linux operating systems
  • Rainlendar Lite 2.12.2 Build 138 / 2.13 Build 142 Beta Freeware
    A free, customizable and easy-to-use desktop calendar for Linux operating systems