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cZUI 0.4.0

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
Nov 30, -1
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Feb 15, 2015
Alexandru Botezatu
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cZUI 0.4.0

by Alexandru Botezatu

cZUI allows you to quickly create zoomable and scrollable displays of things 2D. cZUI project uses vector drawing libraries like SGE to draw smoothly magnified objects. Objects do not need to be aware of magnification issues, thus writing with cZUI is easy and fast.

With a rich event framework, cZUI allows complex user actions such as dragging, moving, highlighting, selecting and removing of any object within the cZUI scene. Included with the distribution are a few informative examples.

cZUI supports SGE over SDL, can be embedded into MFC, and aedGUI widget library via cZUIWidget. Support for other windowing/widget toolkits will be added later.

cZUI contains ready objects for most frequent tasks, just include them in the scene.


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