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CuteReport 1.0 RC3

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Feb 14, 2015
Alexander Mikhalov
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CuteReport 1.0 RC3

by Alexander Mikhalov

CuteReport is an open source, cross-platform and modular software project that has been designed from the offset to act as a report solution inspired by the idea behind the eXaro free reporting solution. It comprises of a template designer and a core library.

Features at a glance

Key features include a plugin system for extending its built-in functionality, support for a wide-range of storages to store report objects, including local filesystem and Git, support for various datasets for storing report data (CSV files, SQL database and filesystem information), as well as support for runtime forms.

Features a standalone WYSIWYG designer

In addition, the application uses JavaScript as an internal scripting language, features a standalone WYSIWYG designer that can be extended through plugins, supports the inches and millimeters measure units, supports dynamic scriptable data and static data for memo items.

Comes with even more features

While the designer page editor supports group selection, item selection, moving, item property changing and size changing, the page footer and page header bands have been designed to support print on new page, as well as print or skip of the first page.

It’s similar to Crystal Reports and Jasper

The application is similar to the Crystal Reports and Jasper software, allowing users to create page oriented, ready to print reports in a simple and flexible manner. Additionally, the application comes with detail band support aggregate functions, the ability to print each band on new page and zebra colors functionality.

Supports mainstream operating systems

As mentioned, CuteReport is a multi-platform application, written in Qt and designed from the ground up to be used on GNU/Linux (Ubuntu/Debian), FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures are supported at this time, and can be downloaded as source and binary archives from Softpedia.


OS requirements for CuteReport 1.0 RC3:

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