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CutePad 0.1

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CutePad 0.1

by Serandibsoft

CutePad is a cross-platform, free, simple, modern, easy-to-use and open source graphical software implemented in Qt and designed from the offset to act as a text editor utility or a basic word processor application.

Supports PDF export and it's translated in many languages

Key features include a clean and simple GUI (Graphical User Interface), fast startup times, support for reading and writing any text document, support for exporting documents to the PDF file format, support for inserting images, dates, tables and times in the documents, as well as full keyboard navigation support.

Another interesting feature is the built-in support for several languages, including English, Catalan, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Czech, Hungarian, German, Italian, Dutch, Lithuanian, Polish, Spanish, and Russian.

Can be used in any GNU/Linux or Windows operating system

Being a cross-platform software, CutePad is fully supported on all GNU/Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Fedora or Slitaz, as well as on the Microsoft Windows operating systems. For your convenience, it is distributed as pre-built binaries, supporting 64-bit and 32-bit installations of the aforementioned OSes.

Getting started with CutePad

To use the CutePad software on your GNU/Linux operating system, you must first download the pre-built binary package that corresponds to your computer’s hardware architecture (64-bit or 32-bit) and save the file on your Home folder.

Right click on the file, go to Properties and access the Permissions tab. Then, make sure that the “Allow executing file as program” option is checked. Close the File Properties dialog, double-click on the executable and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

After installation, if you’ve chosen to create a desktop shortcut, you easily launch the application by double-click the respective icon on your desktop. Alternatively, you can fire it up by accessing the installation folder and double click on the ‘CutePad’ or ‘’ executable files.


OS requirements for CutePad 0.1:

  • Download CutePad 0.1

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