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ctioga2 0.11

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Feb 15, 2015
Vincent Fourmond
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ctioga2 0.11

by Vincent Fourmond

ctioga2 is the next generation version of the ctioga program, an open source, fast, beautiful, powerful, equation-friendly, and scriptable command-line software that has been designed for polymorphic plotting, based on the Tioga plotting library.

The program has been engineered to be fully compatible with the files created with the first generation ctioga program, and works well on all mainstream operating systems, including all GNU/Linux distributions, as well as Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Offers an original polymorphic interface

Key features include an original polymorphic interface, integration into command-line scripting, LaTeX support, gradients for successive curves, beautiful filled curves, support for contours, support for color maps, and it’s inspired by the Gnuplot software.

Additionally, the program is capable of outputting publication-quality PDF documents, support for animating graphs into movies, it’s equation-friendly, and it is capable of plotting data extremely fast, by running a very simple command in a terminal emulator application.

Getting started with ctioga2

There are several methods of installing ctioga2 on a GNU/Linux operating systems, among which is by using the package manager of your distribution, installing it from the main software repositories, or by using the one-click installer of the Ruby package (e.g. gem install ctioga2).

After installation, you can use the program via any terminal emulator application, simply by running the ‘ctioga2’ command, without quotes. Detailed installation instructions can be found on the project’s homepage (see link below).

Unfortunately, ctioga2 has no manual page or command-line options. It mainly uses the -X command for displaying data files and relies of a command file that includes various commands. For more usage examples, do not hesitate to check out the project’s official website.


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