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cptutils 1.57

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GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Feb 15, 2015
J.J. Green
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cptutils 1.57

by J.J. Green

cptutils is an open source and completely free command-line software implemented in C and designed to provide users with a number of utilities for manipulating colour gradients on GNU/Linux or UNIX-like operating systems.

More than 15 utilities are included

The package comes with more than 15 utilities to interact with the cpt (colour palette) file format. Among these, we can mention the avlcpt command for converting avl (ArcView Legend) files to cpt, the cptcss command for converting cpt files to fragment of CSS ones, as well as the cptgimp command for converting cpt files to GIMP gradient.

In addition, the cptinfo command for printing summary information on a cpt file, the cpttext command for colouring text according to a cpt file, the cptsvg command for converting cpt files to SVG gradient, and the gimplut command for converting GIMP gradient to binary lookup table (LUT).

The gimpcpt command for converting GIMP gradient to cpt, the pspcpt command for converting PaintShop Pro gradient to cpt, the svgx command for converting SVG gradient to other formats, the xycpt command for converting column data to cpt, and the cpthsv command for modifying RGB cpt gradient in HSV space are also included.

Getting started with cptutils

To install and use the utilities included in the cptutils project, download the latest version of the program from Softpedia, save it on your Home folder and unpack it. Open a Terminal app, move to the location of the extracted archive files (e.g; cd /home/softpedia/cptutils-1.57) and run the ‘./configure && make’ command to configure and compile the tools.

Install them all by running the ‘sudo make install’ command. Each of the aforementioned commands include various command-line options, which can be viewed at a glance by adding the ‘--help’ option to the respective command in the terminal emulator window.


OS requirements for cptutils 1.57:

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