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Budgie Desktop 8

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GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Feb 14, 2015
Ikey Doherty
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Budgie Desktop 8

by Ikey Doherty

From the developer of the deprecated SolusOS Linux operating system, we welcome you to Budgie Desktop, an open source software project that  integrates with the GNOME graphical desktop environment.

Comprises of a WM, Session and Panel

The graphical environment comprised of a window manager (budgie-wm), a desktop session (budgie-session) and a panel (budgie-panel). A run dialog (budgie-run-dialog) is also implemented, allowing you to easily launch programs.

Chrome OS-like interface

Budgie uses a traditional, yet modern layout. The main panel is located on the bottom edge of the screen and it’s completely transparent. It aims to look like Google’s Chrome OS user interface, but it uses various applications from the GNOME desktop environment.

It’s implemented in GTK3, Vala, C

As its name suggests, Budgie Desktop is a desktop environment. It is written entirely from scratch and implemented using the GTK+ GUI toolkit, as well as the Vala and C programming languages.

Designed for Evolve OS

Budgie has been designed from the ground up as the default graphical desktop environment of the Evolve OS operating system, the successor of the deprecated SolusOS Linux distribution.

Supports a wide-range of Linux OSes

Budgie Desktop is distributed mainly as source code, via GitHub, which means that you will be able to download and install it on virtually any Linux kernel-based operating system, including Ubuntu and Arch Linux.

Fair warning for Ubuntu users

When installing Budgie Desktop, Ubuntu users are warned that the default theme will break some of the the desktop’s functionality, especially the usability of Budgie Panel component. Therefore, do not use any Ubuntu GTK3 plugins or modifications.

Dependencies, lots of dependencies

The Budgie desktop environment requires the following libraries and components: libpulse, libpulse-mainloop-glib, GTK3, upower-glib, libgnome-menu, libwnck, libmutter, GLib, gee-0.8, libpeas-1.0 and valac.


OS requirements for Budgie Desktop 8:

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