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BibleMemorizer 0.6.4

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GPL (GNU General Public License)
Nov 30, -1
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Feb 15, 2015
Jeremy Erickson
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BibleMemorizer 0.6.4

by Jeremy Erickson

BibleMemorizer is a program to help you with memorizing the Scripture. It allows you to create files with lists of verses you want to memorize, including the text of the verse and any categories you create. It can also quiz you over your verses, either one at a time or in multi-verse quizzes, and intelligently corrects your errors. By default, it is now configured to ignore minor errors such as spelling, capitalization and punctuation errors, but these settings may be changed. BibleMemorizer will compile and run on any operating system which supports Qt.This currently includes Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and most forms of Unix and BSD.I personally use Gentoo Linux while writing and testing BibleMemorizer. BibleMemorizer is both Open Source and Free Software. What both these terms essentially mean is that you are free to copy and modify BibleMemorizer as you wish, under certain conditions. You can even sell copies for profit if you wish. I provide full source code for BibleMemorizer, which you are free but not always obligated to pass on to others. See the license for more details. I believe that releasing BibleMemorizer as open source will allow God to best work through it. I created the program to serve God and others, not to make money. Allowing others to copy and modify it ensures that it will be accessible to the greatest number of people. It also provides the potential for other programmers to contribute changes back to the project, which can improve its quality. (Another reason I did choose to make the program open source was so that I could use Sword and the open source edition of Qt.) Although Free Software as mentioned above does not always mean "zero cost", BibleMemorizer is available free of charge. If you were intending to buy a Bible memory program, please consider giving the money to your church or a ministry that needs it. I am not interested in making money from BibleMemorizer. Due to the licensing terms, people are permitted to offer it for free or to charge for copies - but you may always download it for free here. BibleMemorizer now has integration with Sword, via plugin support.The plugin is optional.


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