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Beyond Linux From Scratch 7.5

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Feb 14, 2015
Beyond Linux From Scratch team
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Beyond Linux From Scratch 7.5

by Beyond Linux From Scratch team

Beyond Linux From Scratch or BLFS in short, is an open source Linux documentation project that follows on from the LFS (Linux From Scratch) book, assisting users in developing their own Linux-based operating systems according to their needs.

The online book explains file systems, disk management, editors, shells, virtualization, general libraries, graphics and font libraries, general utilities, system utilities, programming tools, networking, servers, window managers, printing, scanning, typesetting, and much more.

Teaches you how to create custom boot devices, add users, etc.

Besides the standard introduction, the book will provide post Linux From Scratch configuration, such as creating a custom boot device, configuration for adding users, customization of your logon with /etc/issue, etc., and detailed information about additional software packages (editors, security tools, shells, virtualization, as well as file systems and disk managements tools).

Next, you can learn about general utilities and libraries, graphics and font libraries, general utilities, main system tools, and programming. The networking section of the book will teach you how to connect to a network, and will provide detailed information about important networking programs, utilities, libraries, text-mode web browsers, and mail or news clients.

You will learn how to install a display server and desktop environment

The servers section covers major web servers, mail servers, databases and other servers software. Furthermore, the X + Window Managers section informs you about the X Window System environment, its core libraries, and well known window managers.

The GNOME, KDE, Xfce and LXDE desktop environments have their own sections in the Beyond Linux From Scratch book, from where you will learn how to install each one and their default packages. Lastly, the book provides detailed information about major software categories with app examples, as well as printing, typesetting and scanning applications.

Build your own Linux system with BLFS

In other words, with your BLFS system you can do nearly anything! It is the book that takes you down your own custom path, allowing you to build a multimedia desktop, an office workstation, a router, a server, installing only what you need.


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