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autopano-sift 2.3

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GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Feb 15, 2015
Sebastian Nowozin
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autopano-sift 2.3

by Sebastian Nowozin

Panorama images are wide-angle images that amaze people: you often feel being inside the scene when watching a good panorama image.Creating such images is easy and everybody with a digital camera and a bit of patience can do it. Autopano-SIFT is there to make the creation of panorama images more fun.Here are some key features of "autopano sift":· SIFT - Scalable Invariant Feature Transform implementation to extract control points from images· automatic pre-aligning of images· sub-pixel coordinate precision for control point coordinates· Linux, other Unix's and Windows supportedGUIs:· Gtk# GUI· Windows native GUI· Command line utilities· 100% managed C# code, developed with Mono


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