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Apache Cassandra 2.0.1

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The Apache License 2.0
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Feb 14, 2015
The Apache Software Foundation
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Apache Cassandra 2.0.1

by The Apache Software Foundation

Apache Cassandra is an open source database for those who want high availability and scalability without compromising performance, by combining the convenience of column indexes, with the performance of log-structured updates, powerful built-in caching, and strong support for materialized and denormalization views.

Among some of the benefits of the Apache Cassandra project, we can mention integrated caching, linearly scalability, tunable consitency, fully distributed and multi-master.

Apache Cassandra is proven, fault tolerant, decentralized, elastic, durable and it is professionally supported. It features rich data model and puts the user in control. It is distributed as a standalone application via the Apache Software Foundation.


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